[ENG] Our waste journey: is China disrupting the global waste market?

Yellow bin * for this plastic bottle, easy peasy! But where should I throw this yoghurt cup? Sorting my trash is easy if I read carefully the rules on the small paper provided by the town hall (in general the waste management is a communal jurisdiction). But what does the bottle of orange juice (with pulp) that I just threw away become in the end? It must land in some sorting center nearby, but then? Is it recycled and transformed into a fleece jacket? * Be careful, the color of sorting bins is not standardized at the international nor national level. At home, it may be green or even blue. Yes, but it’s not so simple. In northern countries, waste management systems are often complex, and the

[ENG] Context #1: enough, it’s overflowing! Waste management, our towns’ major stakes

More and more waste, which management is getting more and more expensive Evolution of waste quantities produced in towns across the world between 2012 and 2025 and costs of waste management (in billions of euros) between 2010 and 2025. Pollution linked to waste To throw away waste inland is the same as throwing it in the sea, as 80% of waste found in the sea is land waste. “Plastifying the living”: by 2050, oceans will contain more plastic than fish! “O Captain my Captain, plastic in sight!”: 5 major garbage patches are accounted for in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Wrong waste management coupled with increased consumerism leads to human and sanitary disasters​ Circular economy as

[FR] [ENG] La Colombie - Colombia

[FR] Pour chaque pays, je publie un récit résumant mes pérégrinations, relayé par la newsletter (n'oubliez pas de vous y inscrire !) Pour vous faire voyager avec moi, j'y ajoute une liste de recettes et de musiques locales, et parce que ma mélomanie n'a pas de limite, un green-sound, c'est à dire une chanson sur la nature et l'écologie ! >> La Colombie << [ENG] For each country, I share with you my adventure stories, my missions, my joys and challenges. To make you travel with me, I add a list of local recipes and music, and because my love for music has no limit, a green-sound, a song about nature and ecology! >> Colombia <<

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